The program

In this four-day immersive program, inspired by the beautiful Cotswolds and guided by experts, you will use Futures Literacy to disrupt the influence of urgency, and experience the power and potential of different ways of responding to uncertainty and complexity. 

This immersive program will welcome you as a member of Emergence Academy at Hawkwood CFT: a place that goes beyond the geographical location as the third facilitator

Over four days you will join an interdisciplinary group of people on a journey that has a unique approach to leadership and futures work. Using the natural environment, art and the nurturing atmosphere of Hawkwood, the program weaves together the collective journey of sense making with the individual capability of sensing. Covering all the basic elements of futures literacy, it expands on on our innate capacity to sense and see novelty in the world around us. This enhances our perception, stimulates our imagination but mostly encourages us to see, do and think differently.

You'll learn:

  • the basic foundations of Futures literacy and how to make better informed decisions
  • engage in Deep Listening: our sensory responses to nature and art
  • ways of embracing emergence in your daily life
  • to Develop your regenerative leadership skills

After a soft landing in the grounds of Hawkwood, you will experience a full Futures Literacy Laboratory, a deep, gentle dive into the theoretical framework, and practicing the application of futures literacy. The program is altered based on your own learning quests and makes maximum use of the surroundings. Besides the practical usage and cognitive understanding of Futures Literacy, you will learn how to be futures literate as well. 

Participation in this program gives access to join the follow up ‘deeper-dive’ course in December.

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