Emergence Academy (EA) is a multi-sensory learning ecosystem, that delivers on key transformational skills for transition towards regenerative development. It grounds futures work and the openness for novelty, through external changes and internal shifts as well.

EA weaves together theory and practice from two regenerative and transformative approaches:  Futures Literacy and Deep Listening. The programme actively contributes to help leaders, enablers and educators to reawaken, develop and support humanity’s dormant but innate capacity to be holistically regenerative; to resynchronize perceptions of, understand and act with the more than human world of “life creating conditions conducive to life”.

Futures Literacy (Miller 2018) makes a distinction between anticipation for the future and anticipation for emergence. For the latter, we need not only understand and examine our assumptions about the future, but also enhance our perception of the now. How can we be really open to novelty in the present? How can we practice being open to emergence to be able to see and act differently?

Deep-listening explores a way of learning and relating to the human and more than human world that is based on the concepts of relatedness, influence, community and reciprocity. It draws on every sense and every part of our being.

Building on this rich theoretical and experiential framework, Emergence Academy is deeply rooted in the extraordinary natural beauty of Hawkwood College and the surrounding countryside, that further enhances our awareness, as we practice anticipation for emergence and learn how to apply it in our daily lives. 

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