The next cohort Sept 16-19 2024

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Futures Literacy

An immersive program to explore new ways of doing and being.

What if how you solve the problem, is the problem?

The future is imaginary and seems endless, yet we approach her through a narrow understanding of the world around us today. We try to minimize uncertainty by adding more complicated layers to every solution, which simply maintains business as usual. By expanding our capacity to imagine, we are able to broaden our perception of the world around us, to discover new ways of being and doing.

Emergence Academy is a growing community of professionals and learners. It offers unique experiences in the application of Futures Literacy, using art and nature to broaden your sensing and sense-making of the present. Together we develop a shared language on the individual and collective journey towards more resilience, openness to spontaneity and an appreciation for not-knowing.

At Emergence Academy you will learn:

• About Futures Literacy and how to apply it
• How to practice openness for Emergence and novelty
• How to respond to urgency more effectively
• To make better informed decisions
• How to improve your relationship with uncertainty
• To generate new understanding from what you think you already know
• Ways to relocate your agency in the nature we are part of and not apart from


Emergence Academy (EA) is a regenerative multi-sensory learning ecosystem, a spiral-composting programme that delivers on key transformational skills for transition towards regenerative development.
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The program

In this four-day immersive program, inspired by the beautiful Cotswolds and guided by experts, you will use Futures Literacy to disrupt the influence of urgency, and experience the power and potential of different ways of responding to uncertainty and complexity.
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the Founders

Alex and Loes have learnt the power of true interdisciplinary collaboration based on trust and curiosity: they had both been practicing anticipation for emergence, just through very different entry points.
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"Futures Literacy Labs are experiential knowledge creation processes, that derive from the collective intelligence and openness of the group. enki seamlessly fits into this process and has proven to be an invaluable component for the learning is a powerful tool for participants to become fully present and connected to themselves while sharing a profound experience."
— Loes Damhof, UNESCO Chair Futures Literacy
"The interplay of Deep-Listening and Futures Literacy rouses our innate capacity to sense novelty in the worlds around and within us. This encourages us to lean into, and learn from the unfamiliar comfort of not-knowing, where being is the compost of doing."
— Alex Lambie, Artist & Deep-Listening
“It was life transforming. I fully took on the learning and felt some realisations shift in me about both my capabilities as a leader and as a human being.”
“A thoroughly enjoyable, get-away-from-the-rat-race, re-connect with nature, and redefining experience that has shifted the way I view the world”
“An amazing dive into FL. I discovered new ways to change mindset, practice the capability to be with uncertainty and to be more deeply in contact with myself and nature”

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